The islands of St Kilda are situated 41 miles due west of the island of Pabbay in the Sound of Harris. They are so well documented that they need little introduction. These dramatic volcanic islands boast the highest sea cliffs in the UK as well as being the single most important seabird breeding station in North West Europe. Consequently, St. Kilda is one of only 38 locations on the planet, and the only one in the UK, that has been recognised as a UNESCO double World Heritage Site due to the islands’ historical and ecological significance. 

In his 1697 publication, "A Late Voyage to St. Kilda", the travel writer Martin Martin recorded the island’s population at between 180-200 people. The island community owed much of their survival to their main diet of seabirds that were harvested from the surrounding sea cliffs. Over the next two hundred years, St Kilda's population was ravaged by infant mortality, smallpox and gradual depopulation; by 1930 the remaining 36 islanders had petitioned the government to evacuate them from the island. 

St. Kilda is now owned and cared for by the National Trust for Scotland and during the summer season, NTS have a ranger in residence on the main island Hirta. A visit to these haunting islands invariably leaves a lasting imprint on those lucky enough to experience first hand the incredible environment of St. Kilda. 

Many people include St Kilda on their ‘bucket list’ of things to do in their lifetime: we know how special this trip is for many of our customers and endeavour to give them an unforgettable experience – for all the right reasons.


One of the most fascinating aspects of a trip to St Kilda is the chance to see creatures of the sky, sea and the land in their undisturbed natural environment. There is a hugely diverse range of wildlife living in and around these coastal waters. For anyone with an interest in nature, ecology and preservation, rare wildlife and in particular, bird watching, a trip to St Kilda is a must.      

A day excursion with Sea Harris is the perfect way to combine the relaxing but exhilarating experience of a boat trip with observing some of the very best that nature has to offer.

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